Chapter 1

You all know the drill by now: Super Bowl. Flushing toilets. Nuclear meltdown. BAM APOCALYPSE.
It’s okay though, because there was a survivor!

11-23-15_6-14-17 PM
Meet Moxie Baelfire; the Big Damn Hero who’s going to save us all.
Moxie: “What’s up biscuits.”

Moxie is a refurbished Aidan Ellsworth from the gallery (use #wonderchild to find him and other fabulous Wonder Children online), thank you DeviousKiwi for your amazing sim!

11-24-15_12-46-20 PM

For this Apocalypse Challenge (see rules and regulations here), I opted for a Willow Creek start; my play-testing family went with an Oasis Springs lot, and frankly I’m just tired of staring at all the sand.

11-23-15_7-17-42 PM

This is Moxie’s 8×8 regulation-sized Apocalypse Tower, conveniently located next to a fishing canal.

I added a roof-covered patio onto the second floor, but I’m still unclear whether or not I’m allowed to put things out there; I’ll have to do some more digging around and see if I can come up with a definitive answer either way, and in the mean time it can just be for pretty.

11-23-15_7-19-09 PM

The boudoir, located on the second level, is apocalypse-cabin chic and guaranteed to deliver a terrible night’s sleep.

11-24-15_8-01-15 AM
There’s also a small bathroom, guitar, and computer; a great effort was made to keep as many items as possible within the 1×1 moveable size limit.

11-24-15_8-00-26 AM

The living area, located on the ground level, is spartan but cosy.

11-24-15_8-00-11 AM
Disclaimer: all plants, rugs, and other decorative items, up to and including light fixtures, are stat-free.
All comfort items are deceptively comfort-less.

Great pains were taken to create a charming environment full of unyielding surfaces for Ms. Baelfire…

11-23-15_8-04-51 PM
…and she loves the crap out of it?
Moxie: *twitch*

The first career we’re going after is the Comedian branch of Entertainer.
Once lifted, we will be able to throw parties, go on dates, liberally invite other sims to move in, and use mirrors!

Since Moxie has Connections, she gets to start at level 4 as an Opening Act.

11-23-15_7-24-30 PM
In the mean time though, we can go on pretend dates?

Moxie: “Hey girl, looking good, wanna hit up the canal?”
Summer: “OhEmGee Moxie Baelfire! I sure do!”

11-23-15_7-22-19 PM
That booty though.

11-23-15_7-23-14 PM
Moxie: “Bam. Fish.”

11-23-15_7-23-49 PM
Summer: “It’s not a competition…it’s not a competition.”

Summer Holiday, you are adorable.

11-23-15_7-26-05 PM
But unfortunately, what this Apocalypse needs is a male.

Ty Brock: *sneer*

11-23-15_8-02-57 PM
Moxie: “So, I’ve skillfully deduced that you are an evil, cheerful, music lover.”
Ty: *dead-eyed shark stare*

The thing with evil sims is you need to dominate the conversation early on, otherwise they tend to dig into their mean interactions menu…

11-23-15_8-06-25 PM
…and you end up sitting on the can taking an angry poo.

Don’t sweat it girl, he’s married anyhow.

What I really want for a Mr. Baelfire is someone Creative, or even better, an Art Lover; we plan to top the Journalist branch of the Writer career with Moxie’s partner.

11-24-15_12-42-40 PM
Hunter Brock: “I’m a Self-assured Loner who Loves the Outdoors!”

This is Ty Brock’s wife, which makes sense; you’d need to be really confident with a penchant for avoiding people to be married to that guy.

11-23-15_8-00-31 PM
Pro-tip: invest in gym rat for a mere 500 aspiration points and you too can send your apocalypse sims out for a free little fun boost while skilling up your fitness!
Well, after you lift the Professional Athlete of course.

It’s actually not much of a fun boost, more like a fun-not-depletion, but meh, every little bit helps right?

11-23-15_7-55-01 PM
It’s day 2 and Moxie Baelfire is ready to take on more apocalypse.

Being an O.P. Wonderchild is pretty much easy mode thusfar; all her things are still in the green even after a night of slumber.

Mostly I just wanted to insert a pic of her wearing her cute jammies.

11-23-15_7-32-13 PM
With her fun bar slightly depleted, Moxie does a little practice to top herself off and take care of her daily career task.

11-23-15_8-08-37 PM

Then it’s off to mingle in the neighbourhood! This young man is Miles Cardona, a Mail Carrier.
Moxie: “Cheerful Greeting, Miles Cardona!”

OHEMGEE YOU GUYS! Miles is a Squeamish, Creative, Art Lover! I KID YOU NOT.

11-23-15_8-11-07 PM
I let them do a little organic mingling to see what their chemistry is like…apparently it’s autonomous selfie quality!

11-23-15_8-10-41 PM
How much cute are they? SO MUCH CUTE.

All my feels, seriously…those derpy eye squints! I am smitten.

11-24-15_9-29-28 AM
He even followed Moxie home…and made a beeline for the bathroom to wash his hands.

Is that a squeamish thing? Probably.

11-24-15_9-36-26 AM
After a rigorous hand washing, they sat an chatted for a few hours.
You guys! They’re just so into each other!

I was going to wait until Moxie has a few promotions under her belt before moving in a spouse, but I am sorely tempted to just do it now!

No! Resist! Stick to The Plan! In the end she ran out to work without inviting him. SOON.

Day 1 on the job didn’t so so swimmingly; Moxie is a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants sort of gal, so naturally she chose to wing it.

Whatever game.

11-24-15_9-55-17 AM
Raising the fishing skill yields some pretty interesting stuff.

Moxie: “Woohoo!”

She was pretty damn proud of that planty mess.

11-24-15_9-56-13 AM
Moxie: “Eee! A treasure box! I wonder what’s inside!”

It was an apple, FYI.

11-24-15_9-56-48 AM
Moxie: “Hm.”

What! The apple sitting inside the old box you fished up out of a canal isn’t tasty? What are the odds!

11-24-15_9-28-41 AM
Moxie: “Hee!”

Finally she caught some dinner though.

11-24-15_9-59-54 AM
Moxie spends most of her free time mingling with local wanderers, racking up whim points in case we get to spend them someday.

Katrina Caliente was a particular favourite of hers.

11-24-15_10-00-23 AM
Moxie & Katrina: “Ginger Besties Forevers!”

5 autonomous selfies guys…they just wouldn’t stop.

11-24-15_10-19-08 AM
Moxie: “This is it; this is the day I get that first promotion!”

11-24-15_10-18-07 AM
Moxie: “I can hear it.”

11-24-15_10-20-06 AM
Moxie: “I can TASTE it!”

11-24-15_10-22-09 AM
Moxie: “Just you wait and see, Don Lothario! I’m getting that promotion today for sure!”

Don: “Ehh, yeah, nice…shirt…”

Gorram-it game! Why do you hate Moxie? You’re just jealous of her booty, clearly.

Moxie decided to keep the joke in, because she’s ballsy like that. Apparently her ‘friend’ just isn’t cool enough to be chums with a pistol like Moxie.

Doesn’t matter though does it, game? HAH!

Another couple of these and we can snap that cute, artsy, mail carrier right up!

11-24-15_10-44-48 AM
The Jokesmith gig demands for us to write comedy routines…

11-24-15_10-43-37 AM
…or perform stand up. Moxie likes to mix it up a bit.

Promotion #2 happens much faster without those nasty old chance cards.

11-24-15_11-36-33 AM
Moxie moves her relationship with Miles along from friends to romance.

11-24-15_11-40-57 AM
He puts up about zero fight, but can you blame him? Who could resist that booty!

11-24-15_11-44-33 AM
Those shorts though.

11-24-15_11-51-45 AM
Also, we officially have a stalker…go home Eliza Pancakes! If I greet you and ask you to leave, you’ll just be back in a hour knocking on the door again!

Eliza: “Are you home, Ginger Bestie? I miss you!”

Eliza Pancakes, you are not Katrina Caliente of Ginger Bestie fame; go home to your sloppy husband.

11-24-15_11-53-43 AM
Miles saunters up in his every day wear…those socks and flip flops!

Moxie: “Johnny, I think my boyfriend is a hipster.”

11-24-15_11-56-14 AM
This is confirmed when Miles brings her over to the picnic bench for some veggie burgers and a not-date.

11-24-15_11-57-48 AM
Moxie: “Best not-date EVER.”

11-24-15_12-15-07 PM
How do I even segue?

It’s Sunday, and we finally add some walls and furniture to the 3rd floor of the Apocalypse Tower.

I can’t find whether or not The Ornate Beauty storage chest is allowed, but I’m going to assume it’s fine; I really only use it for dumping fished-up roses and produce in lieu of pulling things out of Moxie’s inventory one by one when I need to clear her pockets.

11-24-15_12-08-12 PM
Also, two bassinets for the ground floor…why two? Because sometimes the game thinks it’s funny to surprise me with twins and spawns the second bassinet in a really inconvenient location.

Like next to the double bed so that you can’t use one side of it! That’s what happened in my test game.

Never again.

11-24-15_12-25-45 PM
Looking fine in her classy work duds, Moxie heads out for work on Monday.

11-24-15_12-29-13 PM
Miles: “Hi Moxie! I know you’re not home, but I’m just dropping off your bills, honey! Hope you have a great day at work!”

Oh! FAR OUT…bills on Monday + no work until Thursday = no money for grilling fish!

Because after I pay the bills I have to zero-out her money.

Sims 4 Game: “LOL U MAD BRO?”

11-24-15_12-47-04 PM
Mad like Miles…he’s probably stomping home to have an angry poo after chatting with Ty Brock.

So here’s what we’re going to do about the no funds for 3 days thing.

11-24-15_12-52-19 PM
Miles: “Thanks for inviting me to live with you sweetheart! Will you marry me?”

11-24-15_12-53-22 PM
She will! It’s not a perfect solution to the money problem, but it’s a respectable band-aide.

Miles takes a job in the Writer career as planned, but with a small hiccup; his daily task is to read books! We can’t buy a bookcase, purchase books from a computer, OR visit the library. We can’t even get him to write himself a book to read yet as ‘write books’ isn’t currently his career task.

This puts a small damper on things, but it won’t impair his progress forever.

11-24-15_12-57-05 PM
Putting aside their apocalypse cares, Moxie and Miles exchange vows under the cherry tree in the park.

I’m impressed that his formal attire is halfway normal looking!

11-24-15_12-58-51 PM
Miles presents his wife with a rather impressive finger boulder.

Miles: *XD*

11-24-15_12-59-47 PM
Moxie & Miles: *smoochy things*

Ta-da! Welcome to the Apocalypse Mr. Cardona-Baelfire! *CONFETTIES*

11-24-15_1-02-18 PM
Moxie: “You ready for this, big boy?”

Miles: “Why yes! As a matter of fact I am.”

11-24-15_2-09-13 PM
Moxie: “Bam. Pregnant.”

Good thing we bought those bassinets!

11-24-15_11-55-46 AM
Let’s end it here, shall we! Gives us a baby to look forward to for next time, right?

Feel free to leave tips, corrections, comments etc., and thanks for reading!


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    1. Thanks very much! Yes, I did eventually (spoiler alert!) figure out that I can have a bookcase; much to the relief, I’m sure, of everyone who’s been shaking their heads at me while reading this XD


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