Chapter 2

Thanks for joining us for another chapter!

12-02-15_6-15-22 PM
Last time we ended with a confirmed apocalypse pregnancy that is about to come to fruition.

It’s evening time, and I had some Moments of Great Concern over Moxie coming home early from her job due to labour…

11-24-15_7-00-00 PM
…but we made it with an hour or so to spare.
Whew! Going to have to plan that a little better next time; apocalypse babies are way more fun without stress, It Is Known.

Anyhow, welcome welcome to The Apocalypse Holmes Baelfire!
Yes, we are indeed going for a Sherlock naming theme for this generation, should be good fun.

12-01-15_6-38-26 PM
Moxie seems to enjoy being a new mommy, and immediately rolls up the wish to have another podperson.

Whoa there Tiger; let’s get this one out of the bassinet before we throw in another pregnancy induced need-tankathon.

12-01-15_6-38-39 PM
Moxie: “Someone is at the door, Holmes, I wonder who it could be?”

In other news, Eliza Pancakes is upping her stalker game: Visit # 1

12-01-15_6-35-49 PM
Visit # 2

12-01-15_6-07-45 PM
Visit # 3

12-01-15_6-16-48 PM
Miles: “Hey there Eliza, so this is your fourth visit here today…”

12-01-15_6-16-38 PM
“…this might come as a shock to you, but when we tell you to leave over and over again, that’s not, like, only valid for an hour.”

Eliza: *startled gasp*

12-01-15_6-16-28 PM
Eliza: “I had no idea! Should I be waiting at least 2 hours then?”

Miles: “…”


In other news, Moxie has finally figured out how to Chance Card!

Good job Mox, way to Improvise!


And that led to more good things.

The Apocalypse is moving along slowly but surely; Miles is still struggling against the current of not being able to complete his daily work task (due to restrictions).

12-02-15_5-05-16 PM

Also, keeping his fun up this early on in the game is more challenging than I’d anticipated.

We’ve had to resort to desperate measures a couple of times when jokes just weren’t cutting it…miraculously, Emergency Woohoo #1 did not seem to result in a pregnancy…

12-02-15_5-50-18 PM

…unfortunately, Emergency Woohoo #2 was not so miraculous.

12-01-15_6-55-47 PM

But that’s okay! We wanted another one anyhow, and Holmes has sparkled up into a cute little kiddo.

I like how his hat co-ordinates with his jacket; well done you…I see a lot of Miles in this guy, but he definitely has Moxie’s eye colour.

He rolled up Geek and Rambunctious Scamp from Pinstar’s Generator; very fitting, I think, for someone named after Sherlock Holmes.


Holmes finds that Apocalypse living is exactly as it should be…he gets this moodlet nearly every morning; quite the delicate little flower.

12-02-15_5-59-43 PM

In other news, this is Emerson Corrigan…why is he relevant to our Apocalypse Challenge?

11-24-15_6-25-59 PM

Because sweet little Miles has decided that this guy is the worst person in the world ever, and deserving of all the hate.

Look at the joy on that face as he throws a drink at Emerson; Miles suffers so much for this challenge, I simply cannot deny him a hobby.

11-24-15_6-27-26 PM

Moxie stood around nearby for their first fight clapping, cheering, and being super supportive.

11-24-15_6-28-01 PM

Miles laid a major Hipster Smackdown on that broody-faced Emo.

Miles: “That’s what you get for wearing a beaded necklace with a blazer.”


The win didn’t come without it’s consequences though.


And then, of course, once he started down the Road of Nauseation, there was just no turning back.

We’re going to have to dole out the Hipster Smackdowns very gingerly in the future.

11-24-15_6-41-35 PM

Oh well, it’s nothing that some nice, soothing, autonomous sink time couldn’t fix.


Oh no, wait, that was him doing dishes. DOH! Miles can’t handle dishes; like his son, he’s a bit of a delicate flower.

12-02-15_6-04-54 PM

Moxie has to do all the washing up and anything else involving cleaning…anything remotely yucky will give Miles a nasty moodlet.

Moxie: “My man is worth it…have you seen that adorable grin?”

12-02-15_5-44-36 PM

Moxie: “Urp!”

Miles: “You feeling nauseated, honey?” *grin*

Is it still adorable?

12-02-15_5-06-44 PM

The downstairs bathroom is a very popular hang out spot.

Here we have Ginger-Bestie Katrina Caliente about to help Holmes with his homework.

12-02-15_5-08-32 PM

It was such good times, Moxie and Miles decided to join them…you know, just standing around, grinning like idiots.

12-02-15_6-23-02 PM

The new cub is coming along nicely…why did I even take this picture? I remember not; better notes are needed in the future.


AND FINALLY Miles gets his very first promotion! He still needs to read books that we don’t have for his daily task, BUT, he also needs to reach level 2 of the writing skill…we’re going to work on writing a book to progress his skill instead of “practice writing” and hopefully he can finish it before he gets the point.

We’ll see.

12-02-15_6-39-15 PM

Baby #2 is nearly ready to make his or her appearance.

I’m not sure any pregnant woman ever was pleased to be smelling fried fish, but okay.


Like his father, Holmes is having a bit of a rough go at apocalypse-living.

12-02-15_5-38-35 PM

I tried to get him interesting in a friend, maybe that would help?

No dice, this kid didn’t like him at all.

12-02-15_6-15-31 PM

It’s another late night when Baby #2 decided to make it’s appearance.

12-02-15_6-59-03 PM

Moxie, as usual, was as cool as a cucumber.


Our delicate Mr. Miles, however, has some feels going on.

11-24-15_1-35-39 PM

We let him indulge in a bit of self-soothing.

12-02-15_7-01-40 PM

Why hello there Watson Baelfire!

11-24-15_7-06-04 PM

Moxie: “Best. Baby. Ever.”

Watson is a massive hit at the Baelfire residence.

12-01-15_6-05-35 PM

There’s a whole lot of completely unnecessary bassinet-swarming over the next day or so.

Worth it though, to see Miles throw down some cross-eyed action.

12-01-15_6-10-49 PM

Eliza Pancakes renews her stalking with vigor.

12-01-15_6-15-39 PM

She is bound and determined to gain access to this Apocalypse.

12-02-15_6-07-29 PM

She even ropes in her husband, Bob. I’m pretty sure she’s just waiting behind a shrub somewhere to see if we let him in.

12-01-15_6-25-09 PM

Moxie: “This baby rocks.”

12-01-15_6-00-00 PM

Watson: “You wish you were as popular as me.”

12-01-15_6-43-52 PM

Ginger-Bestie swings by for some more autonomous selfie action.

12-01-15_6-36-57 PM

And Moxie makes sure to get out for some post-baby exercise.

Like she even needs it.

12-01-15_6-01-01 PM

Where does this picture even belong in the chronology? I don’t know. Haha! Do you think I have any idea what’s going on? That would be a nope.

12-02-15_6-47-21 PM

Moxie and Miles are still massive love birds; they do a lot of autonomous romantic menu things…I sent them out to the park behind the house, and they started making out under the cherry tree where they got married.

Awe, you guys!

12-01-15_6-43-07 PM

Katrina stops by every so often for some selfies; Moxie is just as into Katrina as she is into Miles.

12-02-15_5-33-55 PM

She and Nancy Landgraab, however, have mutual disdain.

12-01-15_6-32-28 PM

Summer Holiday has turned out to be Moxie’s only other girlfriend…I’ll admit I have a soft spot for Summer, she’s just so gosh darn sunny all the time.

12-01-15_6-31-52 PM

Moxie: “Summer! Girl! There you are!”

Summer: *pretends she wasn’t quietly watching Dayna McLain eat*

12-01-15_6-33-06 PM

Moxie: “So, fishing?”

Summer: “Omg, fishing, yes.”

Dayna: “Challenge sims are so weird.”

12-02-15_5-52-28 PM

Fishing with Summer Holiday always starts out happy…

12-02-15_5-53-51 PM

…but somewhere around the 2nd hour it grows a little tense.

12-02-15_5-32-31 PM

Moxie: “Win.”

Doesn’t count, Summer already gave up and went home.

12-02-15_6-28-29 PM

Bob: “Um, hello?  Anyone home?”

Whispery voice from behind the trash can: “Use the knocker you dunderhead!”

12-01-15_6-39-53 PM

Let’s end it on that fun stalkery note, shall we?

Next time on the Apocalypse: Watson ages up!  Maybe some fighting, selfies, stalking, and hand washing also.

Will I figure out a way to keep Miles happy and socialized without trying for baby?  Will we ever let those Pancakes into our house?  Will Summer finally win a fishing competition?

Stay tuned to find out! XD


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