Chapter 3

Welcome back to our humble little apocalypse!

11-24-15_6-27-11 PM

Moxie is thrilled that you chose to return!

Moxie: *claps excitedly for you*

01-08-17_9-10-51 AM.png

Loading up the game after a download/patch of any sort always resets all my households…so I’m not counting Miles being home early as a fail.

It is, however, a huge bummer; we need as much of that sweet work progress as we can get!

Interestingly, Holmes is apparently still at school even though he’s standing right there on the sidewalk out in front of the house.

01-08-17_10-26-48 AM.png

Miles: “Aren’t you supposed be be at school son?”

Holmes: “I am at school dad; my status icon is opaque and has all the appropriate interactive icons.”

Miles: “Oh gosh; my mistake!”

12-02-15_5-40-23 PM

In other news, a few kind folks have pointed out to me that I actually can have a bookcase…all this time, just making it harder on myself and Miles for no good reason!

Miles: *twitch*

Well, now we know!  Your next shift is Sunday at 11 am, so we’ll have to make sure we get that for you bright and squirrely Sunday morning.


Also, Moxie has come down with some sort of fever…if you look closely you can see the steam coming off of her head.

Moxie: *is burning up*

Sorry babe, you’re just going to have to tough it out!

01-08-17_10-43-10 AM.png

Since there’s currently nothing else (effective) he can do to raise his fun meter, Holmes takes up the fishing hobby.

Holmes: *mutters something about how BOOKS are fun*

01-08-17_10-48-44 AM.png

We had to quit after he caught a perch though; since we was still “at school”, I didn’t have access to his inventory, so I couldn’t pull it out to make room for anything else he might have caught.

Miles: “I’m home now…can David come over?”

Not until your mom gets 3 more promotions…besides, that kid hates you boo.

01-08-17_10-57-40 AM.png

Okay, here we go…this chapter should really just be called “trying to find ways to make the fun bars green”

Watching Moxie perform comedy routines for work performance works really well!  I sort of feel sorry for Holmes though; the highlight of his day is listening to his mom’s jokes…that’s gotta be rough.

Oh good! I was hoping Miles would become dazed and get a +10 Uncomfortable moodlet!


01-08-17_11-03-23 AM.png

I think he’s caught Moxie’s disease, poor delicate thing.

01-08-17_11-23-49 AM.png

Thank goodness changing diapers doesn’t seem to trigger his squeamish trait?  Daddy was able to get Watson all sorted out while Mommy was at work.

01-08-17_11-36-06 AM.png

Added to the shopping list for Sunday morning; a Coolala night light.

01-08-17_11-38-10 AM.png

Holmes, why do you wear purple glasses to bed?

Holmes: “Helps me see the monsters.”

01-08-17_11-39-28 AM.png

This is what a Roast Master looks like, in case you were wondering.

Moxie: “Level 8, biscuits!”

Good job Mox, now get inside and feed that screaming baby.

01-08-17_11-46-56 AM.png

Holmes is once again tense from a lack of video game access, and SO not in the mood for any of his mom’s Tell Engaging Story.

01-08-17_11-59-29 AM.png

He’s the main reason we have to keep the computer in Time Out.

01-08-17_11-53-05 AM.png

The bills arrive bright and squirrely on Saturday morning…you’re lucky Moxie has a shift tonight, Brynn Ingebretson; there’s no telling what what sort of consequences might be in your future had I been forced to zero out the family funds and had no money for bookcases and night lights tomorrow morning!

Brynn: *hiss*

01-08-17_10-46-06 AM.png

You know that lull you sometimes get in legacies when there isn’t too much interesting stuff going on?  Everyone is just skilling and going about their efficient little routines like rote.

Well, it’s worse in early-days apocalypse!  There’s a lot of downtime once you’ve done everything you can do, and the family just wanders around aimlessly while you supervise to make sure they aren’t trying to play on their phones.

Miles likes to drink copious amounts of water in his free time!

Miles: *killin’ it*


Moxie likes to roll up romantic whims for her husband; can you tell they haven’t had any woohoo in a while?

Moxie: “The things I’m going to do to this ex-mail carrier when Journalism is lifted…”


Holmes: *does not like*

01-08-17_12-57-03 PM.png

Holmes: “Garbage is way less gross than watching mom and dad making out.”

Holmes is happy to help around the house while his mother is at work…I can’t wait until he’s a teen and can clean sinks!

01-08-17_12-57-44 PM.png

Kellie: “I heard there was an apocalypse family living here with eligible sons.”

Kellie McLain is our new Outgoing stalker; she just showed up one day and started banging on the door.

Holmes: “Hee!  She likes me!”

Kellie: “How about I show up autonomously every day until your mom finally lifts Comedian, and then you can start inviting me over?”

I like her moxie…get it? (oh come now, that was a good one!)

01-08-17_1-00-34 PM.png

I made the error of sending Miles out to catch some supper…


Oh, right.

Miles: “Sorry, it’s just that fish are icky.”

It’s okay Princess; I’ll remember for next time.

After a few deep breaths he overcame is nausea and got a Great Catch moodlet; this sims life is an emotional roller coaster.

01-08-17_1-11-21 PM.png

He was so proud of that catch that he swelled up with confidence and threw out a whim to make a friend.

01-08-17_1-14-26 PM.png

Sounds good to me!  Go over there and make friends with Cassandra Goth; maybe she can marry one of your sons if Kellie doesn’t work out.

Bless his heart he tried; they all excused themselves in a hurry one by one directly after Miles joined the conversation.

01-08-17_1-27-17 PM.png

12:08 am Sunday morning; BAM night light.

01-08-17_1-31-00 PM.png

Also this, thank Plumbob!

01-08-17_1-36-30 PM.png

Miles is very pleased to be able to FINALLY perform his daily work task…and just in time too, as he’s scheduled to work today.


Though he could be in better shape…really Miles?  Still sick?  Or, sick again?  IDK; this guy.

01-08-17_1-38-49 PM.png

In other news, apparently Summer Holiday is cheating on her fishing buddy with Bella Goth.

I never pegged Bella for a fisherwoman.

01-08-17_1-39-48 PM.png

Moxie: “YOU.”

Summer: “I can fish with whomever I please, Moxie Baelfire!”

Bella: “Awkwaaaaard.”

01-08-17_1-40-09 PM.png

Moxie: “JK!  Love you girlfriend.”

Summer: “You glorious bastard.”

Bella: *loves a happy ending*

01-08-17_1-54-30 PM.png

Holmes spent the entire morning and most of the afternoon chatting up this Type-A from San Myshuno.

Holmes: “I like a strong woman.”

Calm your jets there boo, pretty sure she’s married already.

01-08-17_2-04-49 PM.png

Speaking of strong women; Kellie came over again later on, and they both dived right into the autonomous friendly stuff.

I think she’s got a bit of a thing for him.

01-08-17_2-08-21 PM.png

The feeling may be mutual.

Holmes: “Hey girl; this is what we do for fun in the Apocalypse Challenge…you like?”

01-08-17_2-10-15 PM.png

Kellie: “Well, I’m not saying I’m don’t like.”

01-08-17_2-13-31 PM.png

Kellie’s repeat visits got me thinking about the Pancakes and their stalking…haven’t seen hide nor hair of them in while.

I wonder if Bob ate Eliza.

01-08-17_2-19-34 PM.png

Welcome home Freelance Article Writer!  I guess that bookcase really made a difference.

Miles: *swats at the air*

Okay, sorry to interrupt your crazy time…apparently he’s still delirious.

01-08-17_2-32-52 PM.png

12:38 am, and Watson ages up into a Cheerful Whiz Kid.

Watson: “Hey there you.”

He looks like a really good mix of his parents!

01-08-17_2-38-54 PM.png

Like his brother before him, Watson also wears monster-vision glasses to bed. 🤔

01-08-17_2-47-14 PM.png

Monday this time, eh?

Brynn: *creepy smile*

She likes to keep me guessing.

01-08-17_2-53-34 PM.png

Since Watson gets the day off, he takes the time to chat up the buxom Lizbeth Burke…yes, he’s still wearing his jim-jams.

01-08-17_2-55-16 PM.png

Bless his little heart, he’s even looking at her face and not her…dress.

01-08-17_2-56-55 PM.png

Moxie autonomously chooses her husband’s first book “Where the Wild Sims Are” to read.

Awwwwwes!  Such a supportive spouse.

01-08-17_3-15-26 PM.png

Holmes: “A student!”

I’m pretty sure there’s a pun in there somewhere about things being elementary.

01-08-17_3-12-51 PM.png

Moxie: “Happy birthday to me, biscuits.”

Aged into an adult; still hot.

01-08-17_3-30-13 PM.png

We decided to chance some birthday try-for-baby-woohoo…Miles needed a fun boost, and a 3rd child wouldn’t be an epic travesty.

01-08-17_3-36-25 PM.png

2/3 sinks break…just another week day morning in the apocalypse house!

At least one of these things breaks every day.

01-08-17_5-16-48 PM.png

Random mail carrier lady eye-fork.

01-08-17_5-22-45 PM.png

Miles: “Ta da!”

Advice Columnist. (level 4)…man, he’s not as far along as I’d hoped he’d be at this point 😦

Also, who would take advice from Princess Miles?  Hypochondriacs maybe?


Moxie: “Miles did it.”

Gah!  Pregnant again!  I was so sure we were in the clear on this one!

Oh wells 😐

Let’s call this chapter a wrap!  But stay tuned for more ooey-gooey-apocalypse-goodness.

Next time we should see at least one teen and a new baby…probably more Miles squeamishness…dare I hope for a career topping?


11 thoughts on “Chapter 3

      1. HAHA – I’m pretty sure you have to do try for baby every time (not that you don’t play with risky woohoo anyway). I use woohoo soooo often as a fun boost in my Drifters because there aren’t any rules (yet that I know of anyway) about woohoo.

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