Chapter 4

You came back for more!  Aren’t you swell 😘

01-08-17_6-43-40 PM.png

The Apocalypse is chugging right along with our founder, Comedienne Moxie Baelfire, already at level 8 of her career track.


She’s also got a husband and 2 sons under her belt, and a 3rd bundle of joy on the way.

Throwing up in your 2nd trimester means it’s a girl, right?  Because if I’m going to be saddled with monitoring another potential cell-phone user, I want a girl this time.

01-08-17_6-53-41 PM.png

Well hello there Mr. Embarrassed and Mr. Bored…you can’t tell by his sketchy body language, but Watson just brought home a Good Grades moodlet.

Watson: “And 2 fun bars in the orange!”


01-08-17_6-06-22 PM.png

Moxie does her best to fill those fun bars with a live after school special.

Watson: “Boo!”

Miles: *hiss*

Tough crowd.

Ready for a “wow, is this week boring” montage?  I thought so!

01-16-17_3-07-27 PM.png

The boys vie for the privilege of taking out the trash…hardly a plate or a scrap of food goes in there without someone queuing up to take it out immediately.

Watson beat his brother to it this particular morning.

Watson: “Squee!”

01-16-17_3-12-17 PM.png

Holmes and Miles are the most frequent recipients of the Sore Back moodlet, but no one is completely immune.

Miles: “My bed bites me in my sleep.”

That’s what you get for being almost an adult and still only level 4 of your career, peaches.

01-16-17_3-14-58 PM.png

Pregnant lady frying fish like a boss…she’s in the middle of some tricky maneuver here, I’m not sure what it’s all about, but later it involved slinging spice shakers around like cats.

01-16-17_3-13-29 PM.png

And of course, copious amounts of water drinking…that about rounds up all the days of the week in the Baelfire residence.

01-16-17_3-26-41 PM.png

In other news, I think Victor and Lily Feng are having marital problems.

01-16-17_3-28-37 PM.png

Sometimes, when the sinks break, I get a little bit excited because there’s something to do.  #ApocalypseConfessions

01-16-17_3-34-15 PM.png

Miles has a good chunk of days off in the middle of this particular week (yay)…it’s not like he’d rather be out there earning work progress or something!

Instead he’s home having spontaneous offensive conversations with Zoey Patel.

Miles is a bit like a toddler sometimes; take your eyes off of him for a split second and bam, he’s gone like a loose hamster.

01-16-17_3-37-58 PM.png

Which leads to an angry poop.

Miles: *stews*

I had to exile him to the park to insult stranger’s faces so that he didn’t rile up his kids; you’d better believe he got sent to bed early!

Normally this would all amount to Grounds to Dislike the Spouse…but he’s just such a cutie pie; who could hate my moody little princess?

01-16-17_3-46-49 PM.png

Stand Up Star (level 9)!

Moxie: “No big deal, right?”

She’s so modest!

Moxie: “And so ready to have this baby.”

I’m a bit scared.  As of now, the toddler patch is officially installed. *frets*

Moments after capturing this moment, Moxie went into labour…

01-22-17_4-34-50 AM.png

…but I did not get the girl I was hoping for.  Oh wells.

Welcome to the challenge, Moriarty Baelfire!


Too late panic pants.

01-22-17_4-52-55 AM.png

Holmes: *is displeased*

01-22-17_4-54-40 AM.png

Watson: *concurs*

They stomped around like angry hornets the rest of the day, insulting all who were unfortunate enough to be roped into a conversation.

01-22-17_4-57-32 AM.png

And apparently Miles doesn’t wear socks with his runners.  With his everyday sandals?  Yep.  With his jim jams?  Yep.  With his workout clothes?  NOPE.


Sorry Summer, no can do, because reasons…hopefully soon though!

01-22-17_5-21-02 AM.png

One benefit to early Apocalypse Challenge days is that the sims spend oodles of time socializing.

Congrats, Holmes Baelfire, you just achieved Social level 10!

Holmes: “Huzzah!”

Too bad his aspiration is rambunctious scamp, eh?

01-22-17_5-24-10 AM.png

Thanks J!  It’s always nice to have another non-squeamish adult around to help out with the cleaning!

01-22-17_5-28-18 AM.png

This is the only chore Miles can do.

01-22-17_6-07-19 AM.png

With toddlerhood quickly approaching, Sunday is a mad shopping-spree…

01-22-17_6-07-39 AM.png

…and now the downstairs room is packed full!

I hemmed and hawed about spreading the things around the house, but it’s just easier to raise the toddler on the ground floor where everyone spends most of their time.

01-22-17_6-20-52 AM.png

Bjorn Bjergsen randomly came by to make a mess on the sidewalk outside our house.

01-22-17_6-23-52 AM.png

Kellie has trimmed her visits down to every other day now.

Kellie: *is playing hard to get*

Don’t worry Kellie; you’re in the lead by virtue of being the only female childhood friend of the Baelfire boys…

01-22-17_6-27-33 AM.png

…also, she’s the only kid to set foot in this house who likes Moriarty.

Bless her sweet little heart!

01-22-17_6-32-15 AM.png

Sofia Bjergsen though…can we even move in pre-mades?  I think we can, but I’ll check on that.

01-22-17_6-38-47 AM.png

Miles: “Level 5; ta-da!”

Holy sugar on a stick Miles!  Mr. Regular Contributor over here got a sweet chance card that netted him medium performance gainz.

I am so proud of you Miles *cries tears of pride*


That same evening, Holmes teened up and rolled useless stuff!  GJ Holmes!

Hey, at least he won’t get all the “grossed out” moodlets from life.

01-22-17_6-52-30 AM.png

I see a lot of daddy in him…

01-22-17_6-54-00 AM.png

…especially down here.

No socks though…he’s putting his own twist on an old classic apparently.

01-22-17_6-59-33 AM.png

Not too bad…that formal get up might be a bit too avant garde for my tastes, however.

01-22-17_7-07-54 AM.png

He favours Miles strongly, but he’s a touch darker and has Moxie’s eye colour.

I’ve summarily decided that Holmes is going to be a Barista; I’d like a shot at getting the clay for Miles to get an inspired moodlet, and the tea brewer is always a super useful item to have kicking around.


The following day is Moriarty’s toddler birthday and he rolled up clingy…might be fine, nice to have a skill boost anyhow.

01-22-17_8-52-30 AM.png

Turns out we have another ginger on our hands!

01-22-17_8-55-05 AM.png

Moriarty ended up glitching Moxie so that she couldn’t put him down (now THAT’S clingy!), but it wasn’t anything that “resetsim” couldn’t sort out.

01-22-17_8-56-46 AM.png

He’s so damn cute, I can’t even!

I’ll do my best not to spam endless toddler pictures, but I make no promises.

Let’s call this chapter a wrap, and next time we’ll make a foray into the world of Apocalypse Challenge with a toddler.

Should be good times, hope to see you there!  


7 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. Moxie on cooking… “…but later it involved slinging spice shakers around like cats.” bwuhahaha!!
    Love love love Moriarty and that neither Holmes nor Watson were amused.

    Miles’ too late pregnancy panic was so cute.

    Holmes as a teen…hmmm he looks so grown up. Are you allowed to change hair or do they have to stay exactly as the game makes them? I know you said something about mirrors unlocking with something. But what about just going into CAS?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, and I’m sorry – I’d HAVE to change hair if I disliked it. But again…as with any other challenge it’s not like the legacy (or apocalypses or drifter) police are going to come arrest ya!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. What a cute toddler! 😀 And honestly Miles is like one of those hamsters that bites fingers – annoying, but so adorable you love them anyway =p
    You’re getting me thinking of starting one of these once I have more time! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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