Chapter 5

Welcome back to the apocalypse with the most moxie!

01-08-17_6-51-00 PM.png

…and pretty bridges.  We’ve got those too.


Last chapter we discovered that Miles doesn’t always wear socks, and celebrated his level 5 promotion in the writing career.

Moxie showed off her awesomeness by achieving level 9 of the comedic branch in entertainment, and popped out her third son…

01-22-17_9-42-01 AM.png

…our first Apocalypse Challenge toddler, Moriarty.

Moriarty instant glitched his mother, but we forgive him because he’s so damn cute.


Watson Baelfire, now the middle child, didn’t do too many interesting things; he’s a good kid actually, pretty low maintenance.

Holmes Baelfire, however, is a bit more testy; he celebrated his teen birthday with no cake and was very sad about it.

01-22-17_9-48-32 AM.png

Mail Carrier is sad for him too.  Or just sad.

We said a fond farewell to over §12,000 after her latest visit.

It’s fine; not much to spend it on anyhow!

01-22-17_10-03-38 AM.png

Whatcha got there little buddy?

Who needs a highchair when you’ve got a nice comfy bed to sit on!

Moriarty helps himself to some grilled fish and proceeds to eat it in the cutest way possible.

01-22-17_10-14-57 AM.png

Miles comes home with a bright red plumbob courtesy of 2 tense moodlets…then proceeds to have his adult birthday with no cake.

I’m surprised he didn’t keel over dead…either way, he’s not really into this potty training session.


Katrina Caliente!  That is your Ginger Bestie’s teenage son; shame on you!

Besides, sounds to me more like it’s cougar night at the bar.  Tsk tsk.

01-22-17_2-13-37 PM.png

Here’s a question…why does she keep whacking herself on the head with the mic?  Looks like it friggin’ hurts.

I feel like there’s some pop culture reference that’s going way over my head here.

01-22-17_2-22-47 PM.png

Holmes is up early to work a shift at the café before school.

He makes the best faces.

01-22-17_2-24-29 PM.png

And then he sets the grill ON FIRE.

01-22-17_2-25-11 PM.png

Holmes: *totally saved the day*

Ugh!  You crazy little meathead!  I hope you’re happy, because it’s only Tuesday and Retail hasn’t been lifted yet so we can’t replace that for 5 plumming days.


Holmes: *regrets nothing*

To top it all off, it made him late for work so he had to quit his job…so much for that clay!

01-22-17_2-45-59 PM.png

Thank Plumbob there are grills in the park behind the house that they can use.

01-22-17_2-49-03 PM.png

Also toddlers can eat fresh produce if you leave some for them.

He inhaled that entire thing in one go!

01-22-17_2-53-20 PM.png

Then, naturally, all hopped up on fresh strawberries, it was time for some nekkid adventures.


Stop calling your Ginger Bestie’s teenage son, Katrina.  Just stop.

01-22-17_3-01-44 PM.png

First day in retail…don’t mess this up for us kid.

Holmes: “I just broke a sink!”


01-22-17_3-04-28 PM.png

This is what happens when Moxie leaves for a day of work.

Toddler left unattended? Check.
Broken plumbing? Check.
Dirty potty? Check.
Used dishes? Check.

01-22-17_3-07-57 PM.png

Miles: *is too tense to live mode right now*

That’s okay, we’ll send your child downstairs to take care of most of it.

01-22-17_3-18-36 PM.png

Green fumes of stank mean some bad simmer forgot to buy a tub last Sunday.  Doh.

Oh wait…no, I can’t even yet, okay, whew!  I am accidentally not a cheater; yay.

01-22-17_4-01-31 PM.png

Don’t let those crocodile tears fool you though; this young man has all his skills at level 3!


How about no?..I think he just wants some woohoo, it’s been a pretty long time since he’s been allowed to make the bed covers flap around.


How about a promotion instead!?

01-22-17_4-35-01 PM.png

Miles: *is a Page 2 Journalist*

Yes you are bb!

Sweet Plumbob…he might actually make it…16 days to elderhood; we shall see!


9 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. So…I’m guessing you can only buy stuff once per week, but you have to empty your cash every week after each bill arrival…so is the day of the week you can buy stuff set in the challenge? I recall you cursing the mail delivery person (haha funny that Miles was…you’d think he’d have some pull with his fellow mail carriers) for their erratic delivery schedule.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s it exactly; only buy things on Sunday, and you have to empty your family funds after every mail delivery 😦
      I learned to do all my shopping at midnight on Sundays just in case the mail creature decided to show up in later in the morning!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ‘Besides, sounds to me more like it’s cougar night at the bar. Tsk tsk.’ Pffft XD You got told, Caliente!
    Holmes is breaking everything, bless =p Congrats for Miles getting a promotion!! (and Moriarty with strawberries was so cute I can’t even find words)

    Liked by 1 person

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