Chapter 6

Welcome to the shortest Baelfire chapter I’ve ever posted!  Let’s dig in, shall we?


Last time on the apocalypse: Miles got a swell promotion despite his tension moodlets, sqeamishness, and sad little adult birthday.


Moxie whacked herself on the head a bunch of times and did most of the chores.


Holmes teened up and set the “kitchen” on fire; Moriarty did so many cute things he almost broke my brain…aaand apparently the only picture of Watson I posted was in the intro from the previous chapter.

Poor neglected Watson. 😦

01-22-17_4-12-54 PM.png

Here’s a heartwarming family moment to make up for it…they gathered up here autonomously; all my warm fuzzies 😊


Katrina Caliente is up to her usual cradle robbing shenanigans…I may just let her have him if we can sort Diamond Agent out in a timely fashion; at least then he’ll be setting other people’s kitchen’s on fire instead of ours!


Watson gets extra screen time to make up for last chapter; here he is being 1 of 2 useful members of the household.

02-03-17_2-25-41 PM.png

I sort of half-hoped that splashing in the toity would make Moriarty’s hygiene bar fill up a bit…no dice.

Oh well, it was worth a try…and look how much fun he’s having! 😀

02-03-17_2-36-47 PM.png

Miles: “Sorry friend, I’m afraid it’s a no.”

Miles goes out to explain to Vladsauce here why we are strictly a No Vamps Allowed apocalypse…


…we’ve already got one person sending us inappropriate text messages Vlad; sorry pal, but that’s the max capacity.

02-03-17_2-38-03 PM.png

WTF BBQ…vampires, amirite?

I’m having a Fangs for the Memories moment here; seems like she’s trying really hard to dress in ‘appropriate human’ clothing.

(If you haven’t checked that story out yet, btw, do yourself a favour and click the handy dandy link I provided for you up there!)

02-03-17_2-38-55 PM.png

If you’d told me last chapter that Holmes would be the first sim in this household to top a career I’d have told you to pull the other one…but here he is!  My very unique looking Customer Support clerk.

We can now purchase/build new new items from build/buy mode and replace objects any time we please!  ALSO we’re now allowed to Plan Outfit, which means…


BAM.  Makeovers; Moxie didn’t need one, but everyone else leveled up.

Think I’m done with the good news?  Not by a long shot bb!



02-03-17_2-46-48 PM.png

Show Stopper Moxie Baelfire, at your service.  She looks tired in a happy sort of way, doesn’t she?

The Baelfire’s can now throw parties and go on dates (when we’re allowed to leave the house; so put a pin that one)!  We can also invite other sims over, move in as many of them as we wish, and use mirrors!

02-03-17_2-14-13 PM.png

I’m comin’ for YOU, Summer Holiday.

But first, we’re calling this whirlwind of career toppings chapter a wrap!

02-04-17_2-41-59 PM.png

Watson: “Happy Simming!”



5 thoughts on “Chapter 6

  1. Awww yay!! First restrictions lifted. So I guess my previous question about mirrors etc has been answered. So you still cannot move sims out, but you can now move sims in? How did Miles get moved in or was it only just marriage (or birth I guess) move in at first?

    Love that Katrina is hot for Holmes.
    Also loved the FftM reference. woot!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are allowed to move in 1 sim per generation before lifting comedian, otherwise they have to be born into the challenge…Katrina, oh boy, that girl cracks me up, lol, it was a sudden but highly dedicated obsession.

      Liked by 1 person

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