Chapter 7

What’s this?  An apocalypse nugget on a Wednesday?!  It’s the new norm boo.


Last time on the apocalypse: Holmes shocked me everyone by being the first Baelfire to top a career…albeit only a teen career…and snagged us our first lifted restriction!

Moxie followed closely on his heels by coming home with Level 10 Comedian skills.

02-06-17_4-35-51 PM.png

Other than that, and some vampire flybys, not much happened really.

02-04-17_2-35-31 PM.png

We’re all pretty stoked about having a grill back in the house; not that Moxie doesn’t ADORE getting up at 4 am to run out to the park and cook her family breakfast.

Moxie: 😑

02-04-17_2-32-50 PM.png

It’s almost as much fun as coming home from a full night of work to 3 hours of housework, ain’t that right sugar?

02-04-17_3-14-07 PM.png

Moxie: “Summer!  Girlfriend!  Yeah, I totally topped Comedian this morning…you wanna come over to move in and help us lift some restrictions babe?”

02-04-17_3-16-14 PM.png

Boy did she ever!

Welcome to the apocalypse, Summer Holiday!

I’d like to take this moment to apologize ahead of time.

02-04-17_3-24-06 PM.png

But look at the snazzy corner of a room we set up!  All 5 of those tiles are just for you, darling.

02-04-17_3-20-18 PM.png

We have her immediately quit her job in the culinary career so she can take work as a Secret Agent.


Summer has a paltry assortment of random skills…and 10 fishing?  Actually that’s not a huge surprise; not much here that’s going to help with the Secret Agent career in any case; oh wells!


It’s starting to get a bit annoying now; she doesn’t even come over for selfies anymore 😦


It’s especially confusing behaviour given that he’s not even very good friends with her.

02-04-17_5-23-37 PM.png

Must be all that animal magnetism?

Fun fact: Holmes has an extremely high pitched, feminine voice; he sounds so much like a girl that I opened up the family in CAS to check the gender setting for him…is what it is apparently!

02-06-17_4-28-02 PM.png

Holmes: “How many tense moodlets today, dad?”

02-06-17_4-27-02 PM.png

Miles: *stabs grilled fish*

02-06-17_4-28-31 PM.png

Moxie: “Cheer up babe; our middle child is about to teen up!”


He sure did…into the tidiest cheerful athlete you ever did see!

02-06-17_4-45-36 PM.png

Not so cheerful at the moment though; ageing up in the middle of the night by yourself will do that to a young man.

Watson: “Happy Simming…I guess…”


10 thoughts on “Chapter 7

  1. Was Holmes born in-game after the toddler patch? Because that’s the lovely new bug that made me stop playing my main save (since I breed the townsfolk like rabbits and follow the generations). All toddlers, male and female, grow up with the same “sweet” voice. So irritating! I think normally the voices are genetic, and kids have similar voices to their parents.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was just reading about your toddler issues on your story thread! I do wonder if that’s the problem too, though both Holmes and Watson were born pre-patch…they both sound like they have their mother’s voice exactly…I think I’m going to go age up all my current kids across all my saves and see what they sound like.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I cannot stand that high pitched voice on my Sims. I don’t even like it for my female sims. I’ve had it with every child I’ve aged up – including some in my drifter save. I go into cas.fulleditmode and change it. (I also cheat their physique sometimes too if they are chubbier than I planned. I know…so shallow)

    Ok – so I get it – bringing more sims in allows you to have more people working on restrictions. That makes sense.

    Why does this April/September between Katrina and Holmes intrigue me? Maybe it’s because I’m hot for Benedict Cumberbatch, I’m also somewhat red haired and BC is younger than me. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LadyLobster pointed out to me that it was a common glitch…strange that it showed up on my sims born BEFORE the toddler patch though.
      I’ve come to just switch it to the type that their same-gendered parent has…I really hope they patch that soon >.<
      I'll tell you a little secret; I was aiming to lift the diamond agent restriction JUST so Holmes and Katrina could be together…I'm such a sucker for forbidden romance.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oooooh Watson is getting good traits! And yay Summer! I love her =p
    (Also, Claude aged to teen with a female voice, too! I changed it, because it was distracting and he sounded too much like Callie, so I couldn’t tell who was awake =p It must be a patch thing!)

    Liked by 1 person

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