Chapter 8

Well pat me on the head and call me Plumbob; it’s another chapter!


Last time on the apocalypse: Summer Holiday moved in to help us get to all that career topping we’ve got to do, and poor Watson had a very sad teen birthday 😦

02-11-17_3-55-35 PM.png

Watson has perked up some since The Sad Birthday…he got all riled up from a “cleaning frenzy” and had to go for a jog to let off some steam.

Neat sims *boggle*

02-11-17_3-59-39 PM.png

The mail-creature pays us another visit, so that’s §17,000 down the drain.

Mail-creature: “EheHEEehehe.”


Our poor smelly toddler finally hit the ranks of childhood!

02-11-17_4-24-33 PM.png

He’s so dirty he glows?  To the sink with you young man!

10 hand washings later he was right as rain.

02-11-17_4-32-15 PM.png

He’s just sad that he doesn’t get his makeover until everyone is home from work/school (otherwise my game will glitch and bring everyone home early if I enter CAS)

Moriarty: “At least I get to take the trash out; that’s fun.”


Speaking of bugs; Moriarty isn’t able to use the stairs anymore?  He was up and down like a champ as a toddler, but for some reason that’s a big nope now.


02-11-17_4-43-03 PM.png

You know what game?  That’s just fine!  So now it’s a living room, dining room, kitchen, nursery, bedroom, library.  JUST FINE.

02-11-17_4-56-28 PM.png

And then.

Moriarty: “Lol, JK! Stairs are fun!”

Apparently entering and exiting CAS fixed it.


02-11-17_4-53-22 PM.png

He’s the handsomest of the 3 boys, in my humble opinion.

02-11-17_4-59-43 PM.png

The Baelfire residence is quite the popular hangout; even more so now that Summer lives here.

J: “I bet I’ll get invited to move in before you do Zoe; I cleaned the grill, they like me here.”

02-11-17_5-23-43 PM.png

3/4 orange plumbobs today…but Summer is level 3 in her career already!

02-12-17_5-30-42 AM.png

One of the teens brought home his first friend!  Whichever one it was has great taste.

02-12-17_6-07-21 AM.png

Summer: “Summer is not having fun anymore.”

You and me both, sister!  Summer here just got her (level 4) Field Agent promotion…she’s rapidly catching up to Miles who is still a Page 2 Journalist, and now has only 9 days until he’s an elder.

The problem with Miles was I gibbled him at the start by not realizing I could have a bookcase, combined with the fact that there is no way to make him inspired on command; I have to just hope his creative trait procs, which it seldom does.

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to put the Baelfire Apocalypse on indefinite hiatus; I need a break from this save file, as much as I love these sims, the play is very boring, repetitive, and frustrating.

Plus, this leaves more time for Amazons and Rebuilding stuff, right?  Yeah!

Take care everyone!  And Happy Simming!  x ♥ x



9 thoughts on “Chapter 8

  1. Awww!!! Loved the family – but I get it – if the game play is repetitive and boring there isn’t a lot to write about. That’s one of the things I love about my Drifter – you’re starting over every generation so there is always something to do and a goal to work for.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this read. I hope to hear from the Baelfire family occasionally but totally get it if it’s pretty much done.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Back last year sometime I had a hard drive crash and lost all my legacy saves. So I abandoned it. I just couldn’t get my founder quite right so her kids weren’t quite right and I had to cheat up all their skills again (not remembering exactly where they were) and because I despise cheating (other than my own personal non-game altering ones like hair and physique) I couldn’t continue my legacy. I still have my super quick outline of all 10 generations though and may start a new legacy in the future. We’ll see.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Even though it got boring and repetitive to play, it was always fun to read 😊 Maybe you can use one of the kids as an heir and start a different challenge with them? Moxie is my favourite though 😁


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