About the Challenge

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Challenge Rules: by Pinstar

Score Card: Updated after each chapter posting.

Done! Career Restriction Summary
Tech Guru – Startup Only Worst version of items available for purchase.
Tech Guru – eSport Gamer Can’t use cell phone except to take/quit jobs. Can only use computer for actions that are daily tasks. No TV or electronic notepads.
Business – Investor Can’t sell items in buy mode. Can’t sell collected/harvested items. No Geo Council, Cannot use publisher for books (can self-publish) Cannot publish songs, cannot write jingles.
Business – Management Can’t take days off. Must quit job if ever late (by more than an hour) miss a day or come home early. Cannot retire, Must use “work normal” or “work hard” modes at work. Cannot re-take lost job.
Culinary – Chef No Fridges, Stoves, Ovens, Microwave Ovens or coolers. Non-fish items may not be cooked on grills unles you have a fish in inventory.
Culinary – Mixologist No drinks of any kind, No reward potions. Cannot brush teeth at sink. Newborns cannot be bottle fed. (Can make drinks to practice, but must throw them out)
Astronaut – Space Ranger All objects besides mailbox and outdoor trash cans and rockets must be indoors, cannot use tents. Cannot go on vacation, cannot stargaze or cloud watch or use telescope to watch the sky. Cannot enable mood auras on any objects.
Astronaut – Interstellar Smuggler Cannot place, use or sell career reward objects. May not upgrade any objects besides rockets.
Painter – Master of the Real Cannot paint mood-aura paintings, Cannot create emotional aura items on workbench, May not write emotional books.
Painter – Patron of the Arts May not sell sim-produced objects. May not self-publish books.
Writer – Author May not order books, May not visit library lots nor add book cases to existing lots.
Writer – Journalist Cannot use showers/bathtubs. Must “Try For Baby” when woohooing if option is available. Cannot take pregnancy test
Secret Agent – Diamond Agent Cannot visit community lots or enter neighbor houses. (Can still wander around neighborhood and leave for work) May not move sims out of the family (besides initial imported founder’s household)
Secret Agent – Villain May only utilize an 8×8 grid of your lot. All objects and build mode items must be in this grid. May not sell, delete or release to underworld urns or graves.
Entertainer – Musician May only ‘practice’ on instruments. Cannot buy or use radios or stereos. Cannot change a sim’s aspiration (Besides the forced childhood to adulthood change) Cannot cancel whims.
 X Entertainer – Comedian Cannot throw parties or go on dates, May only invite one sim to join the household per generation. Cannot use mirrors
Criminal – Boss Every time bills arive, pay the bills then use money cheat to reduce household’s wealth to $0
Criminal – Oracle May not use the move objects cheat, may not download or import any sims from the gallery or your library (Besides your founder at the start of the challenge) or place any sims into the neighborhood. Must use the money cheat to remove any funds brought in by a sim joining the household.
Athlete – Professional Athlete May not purchase reward traits for your sims.
Athlete – Bodybuilder May not move or sell objects with a footprint larger than 1×1 once placed, Sims cannot carry more than one stack of objects in personal inventory at a time. Cannot remove items from family inventory regardless of size.
Teen Career – Babysitter Must use the Legacy Challenge random trait/aspiration generator whenever a sim ages up.
Teen Career – Fast Food Cannot get anything from the “Quick Meal” option on the fridge or cooler, may not order chips from a bar, may not order pizza.
Teen Career – Manual Labor Cannot plant, grow, level up, graft or take samples of plants, cannot hire maids. (Wild plants may still be harvested)
 X Teen Career – Retail Employee May only enter buy/build mode on Sundays. May only “Replace” broken objects on Sundays. May not update a sim’s wardrobe.
Teen Career – Barista May not purchase or use any coffee or tea related objects. Cannot purchase or use the lump of clay object.